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Labtex Bangladesh is an A to Z Scientific Lab Equipment seller and supplier in Bangladesh. It’s also a scientific store, stockist, wholesaler, procurement provider, and retailer of healthcare, safety, surgical, scientific laboratory & testing Products for schools, colleges, universities, and industries. LABTEX provides the complete product solution of laboratory equipment, lab consumable materials, and safety products. Here we sell Weight Scales, Lab instruments, Lab Machinery, Lab Chemicals, Lab Meters, all types of Hand Gloves, PPE, disposable masks, etc. and Labtex Bangladesh is a tenderer and consultant for Govt. organizations & projects. We deliver our products within 24 hours in Dhaka City and 48 hours outside of Dhaka City at the lowest delivery cost.

Area of Our Supply | Lab Equipment Seller & Supplier For …

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Textiles, Garments, Paint Industries, Fisheries, Water Industries, & other Industrial laboratories. We are a Lab equipment seller, supplier, and stockist in Bangladesh. We are supplying our products all over Bangladesh at the lowest delivery charge.

Online Scientific Store in Bangladesh

Labtex is the first and largest scientific store in Bangladesh. It is the online best largest store and shop for scientific laboratory products in Bangladesh. We take orders online and deliver the ordered goods to our customer’s doorsteps through our own delivery staff, Pathao Logistics, Sundarban Courier, SA Paribahan, and as per customers’ choice. Anybody can place an order in our online system and take products anywhere in Bangladesh.

Educational Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals Store | Lab Equipment Seller

Labtex is not only an ordinary scientific shop but also an educational laboratory solution provider in Bangladesh. We provide equipment, chemicals, and training also for schools and colleges. Gradually we are trying to publish videos for SSC and HSC practical experiments. To see the experimental video, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Largest Scientific Blog in Bangladesh is not only a store of scientific goods but also the largest scientific blog. We regularly publish lots of scientific articles on this website. Here we published scientific equipment, and chemicals updated scientific discoveries, and tutorials on physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, etc. Articles in easy and simple language. So, stay connected with us.

Mejor Categories of Our Products

Labtex started its journey with laboratory-related products like lab equipment, lab chemicals, scientific testing instruments & meters, civil laboratory equipment, different types of weight scales, etc. But Labtex now works with all types of scientific equipment, chemicals, healthcare & surgical, and safety equipment.

Amazing Customer Service

We, LABTEX, are creating a trusted place from where anyone can easily purchase professional lab equipment, chemicals, surgical equipment, and safety equipment. Although we are a Dhaka-based trading company, our customers reside across the country. And our services like low price products with high quality and short time delivery help us to get the satisfaction of our customers. You also buy our products from

Keep Yourself in Advance

If you want to discover yourself and keep yourself in advance, Labtex always helps you to go ahead. We have lots of scientific instruments, technological components, and research chemicals that help you always keep in advance. So, stay with us.