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Supply & Installation Service

We are supplier of laboratory instruments and consumables. We are supplying reputed branded instruments and commissioning and installing them at customers laboratory site.

Laboratory Consumables Supply

We are supplying sample preparation and methodology development consumables. We are providing support for method development and regular basis technical support with experienced technical person.

Calibration & After Sales Service

We are making calibration for local food grains from our specialized laboratory and providing after sales and technical services for faulty products.

Labtex Bangladesh is an online shop of scientific items. carries thousands of lab instruments and consumables such as weight scale, color matching instruments, laboratory lights, Color Assessment Cabinets, GSM Balance, GSM Cutter, pH meters, Laboratory Detergents, Crocking Cloth, Rubbing Cloth, Multifibre (DW), PH paper, color guides, lab beakers, test tube, pull test machine, moisture analyzing meters, bond test balance, vernier calipers etc. Labtex Bangladesh also a retailer, distributor and supplier of lab products and services such as glass and plasticware, chemicals, equipment and supplies used in scientific research and applied science and life science worldwide. To buy these products please search by category or click above Get Start button or click below buy now button.
Pocket Thermometer TH310 with Stainless Steel Probe

৳ 5,000.00

Pipette Pump 25 mL Red

৳ 550.00

Pipette Pump 25 mL Red

Plastic Pipette Pump 1 Pcs Red Color

ISO Crocking Cloth James Heal (5x5cm)

৳ 2,600.00

Multifibre Lyow SDC 10 Mtr. Roll

৳ 4,200.00

Multifibre Lyow SDC 10 Mtr. Roll

Multi-fiber LyoW 10 Meter Roll

Shimadzu Analytical Balance ATY-224 (220 gm)

৳ 85,000.00

Shimadzu Analytical Balance ATY-224 (220 gm)

4 Digit Analytical Balance, Shimadzu Japan

Pyrex Glass Cylinder 50 mL

৳ 650.00

Pyrex Glass Cylinder 50 mL

50 mL Measuring Cylinder

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