10 Simple Examples of Physics in Daily Life

On this “Living Planet” or Earth, many interesting events happen constantly. These events are happening all around us, which we see or do, or feel on a regular basis. At some point, your curiosity will prompt you to ask questions about what is going on. How is it, and how does it happen? Barring miracles, the answer to all these questions is “physics.” Indeed, physics governs our daily lives in one way or another. Let’s look at 10 examples of physics in daily life:

(1) Headphones or Earphones

Headphones or Earphones examples of physics in daily life
Headphones or Earphones

We often use headphones or earphones in our daily life. Have we ever wondered how our headphones or earphones work? It works because of physics. The concepts of physics magnetism and sound waves are intertwined with the science of our headphones or earphones. When we plug our headphones or earphones into an electrical source, the magnets in our headphones or earphones create an electromagnetic field, which eventually turns into sound waves.

(2) Camera Lens for Daily Life

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Camera Lens

It is a wonderful creation of physics. The phenomenon of “selfie” has gripped people of all ages. The photo you click to entertain yourself, the lens used in the camera works on the principle of optics. A set of convex lenses gives the camera an image outside the camera. which we see in the form of images in the camera.

(3) Cell Phones | The amazing creation of Physics in Daily Life

Cell Phones The amazing creation of Physics in Daily Life
Cell Phones | The amazing creation of Physics in Daily Life

Cell phones have become as necessary as oxygen gas in modern social life. There are hardly any people, who have not been attracted by the influence of cell phones. Whether sending urgent messages or endless gossip, cell phones are everywhere. But do you know how cell phones work? It deals with the principles of electricity and the electromagnetic spectrum, the luminous patterns of electricity, and magnetism. This amazing creation of physics is serving us relentlessly.

(4) Batteries | An Incredible Creation of Physics

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Batteries | An Incredible Creation of Physics

Another incredible creation of physics is the battery. Whether in cellphones, cars, torches, toys, or any other device, batteries act as saviors of electricity. Battery works on the principle of capacitance. Since the late 18th century, capacitors have been used to store electrical energy. Benjamin Franklin first coined the term “battery” for a series of capacitors in an energy store application.

(5) Doppler Radar

Doppler Radar Physics in Daily Life
Doppler Radar | Physics in Daily Life

Doppler Radar is a radar tracking system using the Doppler effect to determine the location and velocity of a storm, clouds, precipitation, etc. To check for speeding vehicles, police often use Doppler radar. Doppler radar works on the principle of the Doppler effect. The Doppler effect is nothing more than the change in pitch of sound when the sound source moves relative to the listener. This is because the frequency of sound waves changes as the sound source moves closer or farther away from the listener.

(6) Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock

Physics is involved in your daily life from the moment you wake up in the morning. The buzzing sound of the alarm clock helps you wake up in the morning according to your schedule. Sound is something you can’t see, but can hear or feel. Physics studies the origin, propagation, and properties of sound. It works on the concept of quantum mechanics.

(7) Steam Iron

Steam Iron Physics for Daily Life
Steam Iron | Physics for Daily Life

Right after you wake up in the morning and start preparing for your school or office, you need ironed clothes and that’s where physics comes into play. The steam iron is a machine that uses a lot of physics to make it. The main principle of physics used in steam iron is “heat”. Heat, in thermodynamics, is the transfer of energy from a warmer substance to a colder substance. The iron works by having a heated metal base- soleplate.

(8) Walking


When you get ready for your office or school, whatever the mode of transportation, you must walk a certain distance. You can walk easily just because of physics. When walking in a park or on a tarmac road, you keep a good grip without slipping due to the roughness or resistance between the sole of your shoe and the road surface. This resistance, which is responsible for grip, is called “friction” or “traction”. It is because of this force of friction that we can walk easily.

(9) Ball Point Pen

Ball Point Pen
Ball Point Pen

Whether you are at your workplace or your school, a ballpoint pen is your weapon. Without physics, one could not write with a ballpoint pen on paper. In this case, the concept of gravity works. As your pen moves over the paper, the ball spins and gravity pulls the ink down to the top of the ball where it transfers to the paper. And you can write.

(10) Car Seat-Belts

Car Seat Belts
Car Seat Belts

Have you ever noticed how your car’s seat belt works? Well, it’s physics again. When you tighten your car’s seatbelt, it works on the concept of “inertia”. Inertia is the reluctance or inertia of a body to change its state of rest or motion. In the event of a car collision, your seatbelt prevents your body from rolling forward as your body resists stopping due to the inertia of motion.

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