Most used chemicals for school college Lab in Bangladesh

Most used chemicals for school-college Lab in Bangladesh

There are hundreds of chemicals used in school-college laboratories in Bangladesh. Different schools and colleges use different types of chemicals in their chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories. Here we discuss the most used chemicals for school-college labs in Bangladesh. Sodium ChlorideSodium SulphateSodium CarbonateCopper sulphateCopper CarbonateCopper ChlorideAluminum ChlorideAmmonium ChlorideAluminum SulphateCalcium CarbonateZinc ChlorideZinc CarbonateZinc SulphateFerrous SulphateFerric ChlorideAmmonium ChlorideAmmonium CarbonateAmmonium SulphateAmmonium HydroxidePotassium FerrocyanidePotassium FerricyanidePotassium IodideAmmonium ThiocyanideAmmonium OxalatePotassium Pyroantimonate2,4-DiphenylhydrazineSilver NitrateThioacetamideSodium HydroxideMercuric ChloridePotassium HydroxideBarium nitrateLead AcetateSodium bicarbonatePhosphorus PentachlorideFerrous Sulfate Heptahydrate–FeSO₄ * 7H₂O Nitric acid Sulfuric acidHydrochloric acid Oxalic acid Ethanoic acid Ethanol Acetone Formaldehyde Potassium…

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Biofloc in Bangladesh 1
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Biofloc in Bangladesh

We live in a world where it is a challenge to feed the planet and maintain future food resources in light of the increasing population. Biofloc provides easy and reliable service to cope with the condition that is prevailing in our society. With billions of people and animals residing on this planet, several issues associated with nourishment are seen. The rise of environmental pollution calls for eco-friendly methods of food generation and in other fields. Mainly production of fish, we use Biofloc in Bangladesh. All these hazards and water pollution…

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soil testing equipment for agriculture in Bangladesh
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Soil Testing Equipment for Agriculture in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agriculture-dependent country in the world. Agricultural soil is a very important thing for us. If we can properly analyze the agricultural soil, we can produce more products from our Agro land. So soil testing is very necessary for the proper maintenance of agricultural soil and more crop production. And some equipment is needed to test this agricultural soil. Here we are discussing the Soil Testing Equipment for Agriculture in Bangladesh. Some Soil Testing Equipment for Agriculture is available in Bangladesh like … Soil pH, Soil moisture, light,…

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