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Adwa Instruments in Bangladesh

Labtex Bangladesh is a supplier and seller of Adwa Instruments in Bangladesh. Here you get all types of Adwa Brand pH meters, TDS Meter, Temperature meter, electric conductivity meter, dissolved oxygen meters, and their accessories and solutions.  

The list of available Adwa Instruments in Bangladesh :

SL NOName of ItemModelCountry Origin
pH Meter Pocket
1.Standard pH Pocket TesterAD 100Adwa-Romania
2.Standard pH Pocket TesterAD 101Adwa-Romania
3.Waterproof pH/ Temp Pocket TesterAD 11Adwa-Romania
4.Waterproof pH/ Temp Pocket TesterAD 12Adwa-Romania
5.Waterproof pH/ORP/ Temp Pocket TesterAD 14Adwa-Romania
pH Meter Portable
6.Standard pH/Temp Portable MeterAD 110Adwa-Romania
7.Standard pH/ORP/Temp Portable MeterAD 111Adwa-Romania
8.Waterproof Portable pH/ORP/Temp MeterAD 130Adwa-Romania
9.Waterproof Portable pH/ORP/Temp MeterAD 131Adwa-Romania
10.Waterproof Portable pH/ORP/Temp MeterAD 132Adwa-Romania
pH Meter Bench Top
11.pH/ORP/Temp Bench MeterAD 1000Adwa-Romania
12.pH/ORP/ISE/Temp Bench MeterAD 1020Adwa-Romania
13.pH/ORP/Temp Bench MeterAD 1030Adwa-Romania
14.pH/ORP/Temp Bench MeterAD 1040Adwa-Romania
15.pH/ORP/ISE/Temp Bench MeterAD 1200Adwa-Romania
16.pH/ORP/EC/TDS/temp Bench MeterAD 8000Adwa-Romania
Online pH Meter
17.Continuous pH IndicatorECO209Adwa-Romania
EC Meter Pocket
18.Standard EC Pocket TesterAD 203Adwa-Romania
19.Standard EC Pocket TesterAD 204Adwa-Romania
20.Waterproof EC/TDS/ Temp Pocket Tester – Low RangeAD 31Adwa-Romania
21.Waterproof EC/TDS/ Temp Pocket Tester – High RangeAD 32Adwa-Romania
22.Waterproof EC/ Temp Pocket Tester – Low RangeAD 33Adwa-Romania
23.Waterproof EC/Temp Pocket Tester – High RangeAD 35Adwa-Romania
EC Meter Portable
24.Standard EC/Temp Portable MeterAD 310Adwa-Romania
25.Waterproof Portable EC/TDS/Temp MeterAD 330Adwa-Romania
26.Waterproof Portable EC/ Temp MeterAD 331Adwa-Romania
27.Waterproof Portable EC/TDS/Temp MeterAD 332Adwa-Romania
EC Meter Bench Top
28.EC/TDS Bench MeterAD 3000Adwa-Romania
Online EC Meter
29.Continuous Conductivity IndicatorECO406Adwa-Romania
TDS Meter Pocket
30.Standard TDS Pocket TesterAD 201Adwa-Romania
31.Standard TDS Pocket TesterAD 202Adwa-Romania
TDS Meter Portable
32.Standard Portable TDS/Temp MeterAD 410Adwa-Romania
Online TDS Meter
33.Continuous TDS Indicator ECO407Adwa-Romania
DO Meter Portable
34.Waterproof Portable DO MeterAD 630Adwa-Romania
Electrode & Extra Accessories
35.Refillable glass pH ElectrodeA 1131BAdwa-Romania
36.Double junction Epoxy pH ElectrodeA 1230BAdwa-Romania
37.4 Ring Stainless Steel EC/TDS ProbeA 76309Adwa-Romania
38.Stainless Steel Temperature ProbeA 7662Adwa-Romania
39.Galvanic DO ProveAD 8001/3Adwa-Romania
 40.Replaceable pH/Temp ElectrodeAD 11PAdwa-Romania
41.Replaceable EC/TDS/Temp ElectrodeAD 32PAdwa-Romania
42.Replaceable EC/TDS/Temp Electrode for AD 31, AD 32AD 33PAdwa-Romania
43.Do Galvanic Probe Solution – 30mlAD9072SAdwa-Romania
44.TDS Standard Solution 1382 – 230mlAD7032Adwa-Romania
45.TDS Standard Solution 1382 – 20mlAD70032PAdwa-Romania
46.EC Standard Solution 1413 – 230mlAD7031Adwa-Romania
47.EC Standard Solution 1413 – 20mlAD70031PAdwa-Romania
48.EC Standard Solution 1288 – 230mlAD7030Adwa-Romania
49.EC Standard Solution 1288 – 20mlAD70030PAdwa-Romania
50.Spare Membranes With O – Rings (5Pcs Pack)AD8001A/PAdwa-Romania
51.Do Zero Oxygen Solution – 500mlAD7040Adwa-Romania
52.Electrode Refillable (KCL – 3.5M) Solution – 30ml AD7082SAdwa-Romania

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Company Profile

Founded in 1998, Adwa Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of instrumentation to measure pH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, and Temperature for Research and Industry. Headquartered in Szeged, Hungary with a manufacturing plant in Romania, Europe, Adwa Instruments is dedicated through a worldwide distributor network, to provide top-class instrumentation and service.

Thanks to the customers’ feedback, we have developed a line of user-friendly products which are durable, reliable, and accurate, with an excellent cost-performance ratio. All of our instruments are supplied complete with the necessary electrodes, probes, calibration solutions and are ready for use. Some units combine two or more parameters, providing added versatility and excellent value for money. From basic handheld units to our high-performance bench-type laboratory devices, Adwa Instruments has a reputation for reliability and accuracy.

Total quality and customer satisfaction is the guiding principle of Adwa Instruments. We try to anticipate, understand, and go beyond the expectations of our customers. Total Quality demands continuous improvement in all our processes, products, and services.
As a result, our corporate philosophy is focused on total customer satisfaction.

Adwa Instruments’s Headquarters is located in Szeged, Hungary: Click to Know More

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