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All Kinds of Textile Detergents Supplier in BD

We are a supplier and wholesaler of all kinds of textile and analytical detergents in Bangladesh. Popular, buyers recommended and most used branded detergent available in our store. We mainly supply Ariel, SDC, Tide, Persil, James Heal brand detergents in Bangladesh. We also importer and wholesaler of Ariel Color & Style detergent and Persil superior clothes care detergents. If you have any requirements for textile and analytical detergents, please send your requirements to our email – for Special Corporate and Institutional Prices.

Click the Link Textile & Analytic Detergent for Sample and Product Details. If you don’t find your desired detergent on this website, please send your requirement by our email.

Washing Detergent Powder Supplier in Bangladesh:

Labtex Bangladesh is an importer of Ariel Colour & Style Washing Detergent and supplier of Persil Fabric Care 3 Kg, Tide 7.2 Kg Original, Persil Colour Magaperls etc. washing detergent powder. Ariel Colour Powder or ariel colour washing powder is the main washing detergent powder of Labtex Bangladesh.

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