Fabric Color Fastness Measurement in Textile and Apparel Industry

Color Fastness:
As per buyers & customers demand Colorfastness is one of the important factors in Textile World. The outstandingly important property of a dyed material is the fastness of the shade of color of Fabrics. Colorfastness refers to the resistance of color to fade or bleed of a dyed or printed textile material to various types of influences e.g. water, light, rubbing, washing, perspiration, usage instruments, and chemicals, etc. to which they are normally exposed in fabric manufacturing and in daily uses.

Standardization of Color Fastness:
1. AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) describes 66 numbers of different colorfastness tests for fabrics in their technical manual.

2. SDC (Society of Dyers and Colorists):
In 1927, SDC (Europe) made the fastness test committee.

3. ISO(International Organization for Standardization):
In 1947, ISO made color subcommittee. ISO also grades the fastness:
For lightfastness: 1~8
For other fastnesses: 1~5

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