Fabric Weight Measuring System By GSM Cutter and Balance

The meaning of Fabric GSM is grams per square meter of fabric. It is very important to know the weight of the fabrics before manufacturing and after getting the best quality finished fabric.  So to ensure about the finished weight of the fabric it needs to measure the weights of the fabric. This test can be carried out in different ways but it is very easy to know the weight of the fabric by cutting the fabric with the GSM cutter.

Measure the GSM of the fabric by GSM cutter: It is one type of physical test of the fabric which is known as offline quality assurance system. By the following way, we can measure the weight of the fabric.

  1. Cut the fabric with the GSM cutter (gram per square inch).
  2. Weight the fabric with the electric balance.
  3. The cut sample is 100 sq.cm. The weight of the cut sample is multiplied by 100.
  4. The result is the GSM of that particular fabric.

After cutting the fabric we can calculate the weight of the fabric as follow.


The weight of the fabric is 2.51 gm. That means the GSM of the fabric is 251. Because when we cut the fabric with the GSM cutter then we get 1 from the 100 meters from the 1 square meters.

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