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How to Properly Store Glassware in the Laboratory

Glassware requires mindful care in the Laboratory. Once it has been cleaned and inspected, it should be stored to prevent soiling, breakage, or loss. Your lab tables should always be equipped with storage solutions that allow you to easily store glassware so it can be found when needed. In this article, we will discuss how to properly store glassware in the laboratory.

Let’s start the discussion about proper store glassware in the Laboratory:

1. Store in a Box or Lab Cabinet

Lab cabinets are ideal storage solutions for glassware. Because it is safe your glassware is out of the way of regular daily activities while still being close enough to workstations.
Glass items are consistently in use in laboratories; when you need them, it’s important to be able to grab them without wasting time walking and searching.
Opt for closed shelving to keep dust away from the glassware so that it’s clean for every use.

2. Line a Box with Bubble Wrapping

Make sure you select a good and sturdy box. You don’t want to put all of this work in just to have the box collapse. Then line the box with bubble wrapping. This helps protect your glassware from all sides.

3. Place Crumpled Papers On Bottom

You should be used crumpled paper to give your glassware a cushioned base. To keep your glassware clean, clear, and ink free, we recommend acid-free newsprint.

4. Rolled the glassware in 2-3 sheets of paper

Okay, this is the really important part. It all comes down to how you wrap your glassware items. First, lay the newsprint out and place your item in the corner. Then roll it in 2-3 sheets of newsprint paper. Be sure to tuck in the extra paper on each side of the glass as you roll. If you’re wrapping stemware, use extra sheets of paper on the stems, as they are the most susceptible to breakage.

5. Place Glassware In Box, Sturdy Items On the Bottom, and Fragile Ones On Top

Be strategic about what items you put in first. The sturdier pieces should be placed at the bottom of the box, while more fragile glassware should be placed on top.

6. Separate the Layers with Cardboard

Cut pieces of cardboard to fit flat in your box and use them to create layers between the glassware. This will help protect each layer and make stacking your items a whole lot easier.

7. Place Crumpled Paper On the Top

Just as you did in step 2, crumple up newsprint paper and place it on top of your now-packed glassware items. This will help cushion the glassware and protect them when you stack the boxes in your unit.

8. Label the Box for proper store glassware

Labeling your glassware box is probably the most important thing you can do. Yes, it makes the box easier to locate in your storage unit, but even more importantly, it informs you and/or your movers that the box should be handled with care. “FRAGILE” or “GLASSWARE” are the best terms to use.

How to Properly Store Glassware in the Laboratory
How to Properly Store Glassware in the Laboratory

Now you know how to pack glassware properly, so have no fear. Your glassware is going to be just fine. Source of Information

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