Scientific Store in Bangladesh

Lab Chemicals Store in Bangladesh

Labtex Bangladesh is the largest lab chemicals store in Bangladesh. Labtex is also a seller and supplier of laboratory-grade chemicals, reagents, distilled water, calibration solutions, different types of spray, etc.

Why should you buy lab chemicals from Labtex?

Labtex always tries to sell the original branded chemicals, reagents, and distilled water in Bangladesh. If you buy lab chemicals from labtex, you will get the below advantage:

  1. Lab Grade Chemicals and Reagents.
  2. Long expiry dated products.
  3. Lowest price than the market price.
  4. Quick delivery service and return facilities (condition apply)
  5. Exchange facilities for the intact packs.
  6. Chemicals with a certificate of analysis (if need).
  7. Very low delivery cost.

What types of Chemicals are available in Labtex:

  • Laboratory Reagent Grade or Analytical Reagent Grade
  • Industrial Grade
  • Tissue Culture or Culture Media
  • Analytical Grade Distilled Water
  • Calibration Solutions
  • Rust Removing Spray, etc.

How to buy from Labtex Lab Chemicals Store:

There are many ways to buy chemicals, reagents, distilled water, and solutions from Labtex lab chemicals store. Online, Physically, over the phone, and by email purchase products from Labtex.

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