14 Pin IC Base

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  • 14 Pin IC Base
  • IC socket adapter
  • Hold any 14-pin IC
  • Made in China
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This PCB mounting IC base can hold any 14-pin IC.

A “14 Pin IC Base” is a component used in electronics assembly to provide a socket for mounting and connecting a 14-pin integrated circuit (IC) onto a printed circuit board (PCB). Here’s a breakdown of what each part of the term means:

1. 14 Pin: Indicates that the IC base has 14 pins or contacts. Integrated circuits come in various package sizes, and the number of pins often corresponds to the complexity and functionality of the IC.

2. IC Base: Also known as an IC socket, IC holder, or IC socket adapter, an IC base is a socket-like component that provides a mechanical and electrical connection interface for an IC. It allows the IC to be easily inserted, removed, and replaced without soldering directly onto the PCB.

Therefore, a “14 Pin IC Base” is a socket designed to accommodate a 14-pin IC, providing a convenient means of mounting and connecting the IC to a PCB. It’s commonly used in electronic prototyping, testing, and production to facilitate easy installation and replacement of ICs without soldering.



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