40 Pin Solderable IC Rail

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  • IC Rail
  • 40 Pin Solderable
  • Ideal for PCB
  • Made in China
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You can buy these 40-pin solderable IC rails and cut them according to the number of pins of your IC. By using these rails you can avoid soldering your IC directly with the circuit board. Just solder the rails with the board and place the IC on those. Thus, changing the ICs becomes easier.

A “40 Pin Solderable IC Rail” likely refers to a component used in electronics manufacturing, specifically for mounting and soldering integrated circuits (ICs) onto printed circuit boards (PCBs).

IC Rail: This likely refers to a component that serves as a mounting and positioning guide for the IC during the soldering process. It ensures that the IC is correctly aligned and spaced on the PCB, allowing for precise soldering of the IC’s pins to the corresponding pads on the PCB.



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