47uF 50V Capacitor

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  • Capacitor 47uF 50V
  • Mounting: Through Hole
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Tolerance: ±20%
  • Made in China


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47uF 50V capacitor is a good quality radial polarized Electrolytic capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors are widely used in switched-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, and power supplies. This capacitor has a long life, low leakage current, and wide operating range.

  • Standard Type with Excellent Ratings
  • Long Life
  • Low Leakage Current
  • Easy Mounting
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Capacitance: 47uF
  • Voltage Rating: 50V
  • Termination Style: Radial
  • Made in China



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