4N35 Optocoupler 6 Pin Transistor

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  • 4N35 Optocoupler
  • Ideal for Power supply regulators, Digital logic inputs, Microprocessor inputs
  • Made in China
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4N35 contains an IRED optically coupled to a phototransistor. It is packaged in a 6-pin DIP, available in wide-lead spacing option and SMD. Input-output isolation voltage (rms) is 5.0kV. Collector-emitter voltage is 80V(*) and CTR is 50% to 600% at an input current of 5mA. It can be used with Arduino.

4N35 is commonly used for isolating the microcontroller unit from external sources, loads, and sensors as protection and Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedance.

Features and Specifications

This section mentions some of the important features and specifications of the optocoupler IC.

  1. Number of Channels: 1 Channel
  2. Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage: 30V
  3. Forward Current: 100mA
  4. Forward Voltage: 1.5V
  5. Reverse Voltage: 6V
  6. Isolation Voltage: 5300 Vrms
  7. Operating Temperature: -55 to 100 Degrees C
  8. Power dissipation: 250 mW

Features :

  1. 6pin DIP package
  2. Double transfer mold package (Ideal for Flow Soldering)
  3. High collector-emitter voltage (VCEO:80V(*))
  4. Current transfer ratio (CTR: MIN. 50% at IF=5 mA, VCE=5V)
  5. High isolation voltage between input and output (Viso (rms): 5.0 kV)

Working of the Optocoupler IC

The optocoupler IC consists of a gallium arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN phototransistor and using the IC is also pretty easy. To use the IC as a phototransistor we will not need the base pin(pin 6). The working circuit below can be followed to design your circuit and get the optocoupler IC to use.



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