7404 NOT Gate IC

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  • 7404 NOT Gate DIP 14
  • IC Name: 74LS04
  • Case: DIP-14
  • Made in China
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7404 NOT Gate IC is a high-speed CMOS HEX INVERTER fabricated in silicon gate C2 MOS technology. It has the same high-speed performance as LSTTL combined with true CMOS low power consumption.


7404 NOT Gate IC Details

7404 is a NOT gate IC. It consists of six inverters that perform logical invert action. The output of an inverter is the complement of its input logic state, i.e. when input is high its output is low and vice versa. Six Hex Inverters in a 14-Pin DIP Package. Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS, and TTL. Large Operating Voltage Range. Wide Operating Conditions. 74LS04 or 74HC04. Details




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