90mm Handheld Magnifying Glass – 7x Magnifier Black

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Magnifying Glass – 90 mm 1 Piece

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Lightweight Handheld 90mm Magnifying Glass, Black Color

Classic Handheld Reading Magnifier Magnifying Glass Lens 7x for father and mother or elder parent. This is a very solid magnifying glass without any discernible optical distortions even near the edge. with the proper magnification, It’s convenient for the elder to use when they read. It is an ideal gift for father and mother or elder parent. New Magnifier Magnifying Glass Handheld Specifications Great for Children for learning Great for old people to read Great for people who have to look at minute objects like watchmakers/jewelers/electronics The powerful magnification will help to reduce eye strain Its great for your home, office and travel Great fine print in books, maps, newspapers, directories, documents, etc

  • Handheld 7X Magnifier
  • 90mm Magnifier Magnifying Glass Handheld
  • Great for old people to read the newspaper
  • It’s great for your home
  • Suit for reading, Office work, jewelry evaluating, and so on.
  • Ideal gift for Father Mother elder parent.


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