Auto Discharging Battery Load Tester Automobile Lead Acid Battery Tester, HBV-200

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  • 125 AMP Battery Load Tester
  • 6V – 12V Lead Acid Battery Test
  • Model: HBV-200
  • Made in China


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Automobile Battery Load Tester 6V, 12V, 100A, 120A & 125A

  • Ideal for Cars, Vans, RVs and farm vehicles so on.
  • Suitable for 6V-12V lead acid batteries.
  • Compact and portable, ideal for garages and fleet users.
  • Strong yet lightweight steel construction with integrated handle and clamp holders.
  • Heavy-duty insulated clamps.
  • Easy and safe to use, with no sparking.
  • Large LED Display gives battery voltage
  • LED Display indicates if the battery: Bad, Weak, or Good
  • Model: HBV-200
  • Made in China



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