BIOHIT Proline 100-1000uL Single Channel Adjustable Micropipette

৳ 1,900.00

  • Mechanical Variable Single Channel Micropipette
  • Volume Pipette 100-1000µl
  • Brand: BIOHIT
  • Made in Finland


Biohit Proline Manual Pipette single channel 100-1000ul Micropipette

BIOHIT Proline Mechanical pipettes offer quality and value for money. The Proline range is manufactured from the latest materials ensuring a lightweight and durable pipette and covers the volume range of 100µL to 1000µL with single-channel adjustable volume models.

  • Tip ejector that allows convenient one-handed operation
  • Finger support keeps the instrument in place with minimum user effort
  • The digital display clearly reads the volume setting
  • The ejector collar and tip cone can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Durable tip cone materials provide excellent chemical resistance
  • Unique Safe-Cone that prevents contamination
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Easy calibration and maintenance
  • Color-coded ID stickers are included with each pipettor
  • Made in Finland




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