Citric Acid Granular 1Kg Loose Pack

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  • Citric Acid (দানাদার)
  • Pack Size: 1Kg Loose Pack
  • Without Expire Date
  • Made in China

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Citric Acid is an organic chemical that is an odorless, white crystalline powder or granular particle which dissolves readily in water. Citric Acid occurs widely in plants and animals as a common intermediate metabolite of the Krebs (Citric Acid) cycle in virtually all organisms.

Granular citric acid is a kitchen essential used in preserving, flavoring, and cleaning. Adds an acidic or sour taste to meat, candy, soft drinks, and ice cream. It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh and food flavorful. Perfect for use in craft making, candy making, pH adjustment, water softening, and more!

  • Citric Acid Granular 1Kg Loose Pack
  • Chemical Formula: C₆H₈O₇
  • Made in China
  • If you need bulk quantity, please contact 01710136523 or email at




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