Concrete Cylinder Molds 1 Set (3 Cylinder+1 Rod) 8×4 Inch

৳ 4,000.00

  • Concrete Cylinder Mold
  • Size: 8″x4″
  • 1 Set (3 Cylinder + 1 Temperating Road)

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Concrete Metal Cylinder Mold for Concrete Strength Testing   

  • Molds are constructed of plated metallic steel for rust resistance and are dimensionally stable under severe use. Molds are split along one side with 2 quick-acting clamps welded to the mold. When open, the mold springs apart slightly to allow specimen removal. Include a detachable base plate.
  • Dimension: 100x200mm
  • Material: Metallic Steel (Mining Steel)
  • Weight: 9kgs (approx.)
  • Wall thickness(mm): 4mm
  • 1Set = 3 Pcs Cylinder with Metalic Rod
  • Made in Bangladesh



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