Customize Distilled Water, Ultra Pure/Grade-3

৳ 1,500.00

  • Customize Distilled Water
  • Pack Size: 30 Ltr. (Approx.)
  • Grade-3 (Pure Water)
  • Made in Bangladesh
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This is the fully customize distilled water for sensitive industrial uses. This Distilled water is also known as demineralized, deionized, ultra-pure, and grade-3 water. It has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid form in a separate Can. This is the best quality Bangladeshi distilled water which is mostly used in the laboratory and industries. Labtex Bangladesh is a seller and supplier of distilled water in Bangladesh.

Application: Industries, Laboratories, Sensitive Wash, instrument washing, etc.
Contains: 30 Liter Per Jar
Aspect and odor: Transparent, neutral odor, free from sediments
pH value 25°C: 7-9 pH
Total Hardness: 35-170/2-9.5 ppm
Total dissolved solids: 0-2ppm
Iron: Max 0.5ppm
Made in Bangladesh

Grade-3 distilled water refers to water that has undergone a specific purification process to meet certain quality standards. In the context of laboratory or industrial use, water is often classified into different grades based on its purity level and suitability for specific applications.

Grade-3 distilled water typically refers to water that has been distilled to remove impurities and contaminants but may not meet the highest standards of purity required for sensitive laboratory experiments or analytical procedures. It is commonly used for non-critical applications where high levels of purity are not necessary.

Here are some characteristics and common uses of Grade-3 distilled water:

1. Distillation Process: Grade-3 distilled water is produced through the distillation process, which involves boiling water to produce steam, followed by condensation to collect the purified water.
2. Removal of Impurities: The distillation process removes most impurities, including minerals, salts, organic compounds, and microorganisms, resulting in relatively pure water.
3. Moderate Purity: Grade-3 distilled water may contain trace amounts of impurities, such as dissolved gases or volatile organic compounds, but at levels that are generally acceptable for many applications.
4. Neutral pH: Grade-3 distilled water typically has a neutral pH, close to 7, due to the absence of mineral ions that can influence acidity or alkalinity.

Common Uses:
1. Laboratory Applications: Grade-3 distilled water is often used in laboratories for general purposes such as rinsing glassware, preparing solutions, and diluting reagents where high levels of purity are not critical.
2. Industrial Processes: It may be used in industrial processes such as manufacturing, cleaning, and cooling, where moderate purity water is sufficient.
3. Automotive Batteries: Grade-3 distilled water is commonly used for topping up lead-acid batteries in vehicles, as it helps maintain the electrolyte levels without introducing impurities.
4. Household Appliances: It may be used in steam irons, humidifiers, and other household appliances that require water with low mineral content to prevent scale buildup.

Overall, Grade-3 distilled water provides a balance between purity and cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where high levels of purity are not essential. However, it may not be suitable for use in applications where stringent purity requirements must be met, such as in pharmaceutical production or analytical chemistry. In such cases, higher-grade purified water, such as Grade-1 or Grade-2 distilled water, may be necessary.


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