Digital Breath Alcohol Tester AT6000

৳ 2,000.00

  • AT-6000 is your first step towards testing if a person is intoxicated.
  • This is a simple and inexpensive alcohol breath tester to determine alcohol levels in one’s breath.


Digital Breath Alcohol Tester AT6000, Made in China. 

AT6000 breath alcohol tester is a kind of tester designed to measure the concentration result of the breathed alcohol in the human body. This device adopts an advanced flat-surfaced alcohol sensor which has excellent sensitivity and reproducibility, fashionable and portable design makes it more convenient for personal use. When the alcohol content exceeds the preset limited level, this device would send and video warning to remind your safety.

Main Feature of Alcohol Tester AT6000:  

  • Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor Quick response
  • SMD assembling, stable performance Smart MCU control
  • 3 digits LCD Display with blue backlight
  • Direct testing process LCD Indication
  • Digital LCD display with backlight blue backup portable & fashionable design
  • Audio warning beyond pre-set limit
  • Sensor fault self-checking
  • Battery saved design, low voltage indication


Technical Data of Alcohol Tester AT6000:  

  • Sensor type: flat surfaced alcohol sensor
  • Detection Rage: 0.00 – 0.20BAC%; 0.00~2.00g/L; 0.00-2.00BAC%; 0.00-1.00ml/L; 0.00-200mg/100mL
  • Alarming Level: 0.05BAC%; 0.50BAC%; 0.50 BAC%; 0.25mg/100ml
  • Accuracy: +-10% F.S
  • Working voltage: DC 4.5V (3xAAA) Batteries: Working Current: 120mA
  • Working Environment Temperature -10°C -50°C
  • Relative Humidity 95% No Dews




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