Digital Clamp Meter DT266

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  • Dt266 AC DC Digital Power Electronic Clamp Meter
  • Multimeter Resistance Tester
  • Range: DCV:1000V Accuracy(0.5% + 1), ACV:750V Accuracy(1% + 4), ACA:200A-1000A Accuracy(2% + 5)
  • Made in China

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This multimeter DT266 is Mainly for measuring DC and AC voltage, AC, resistance, and diode, with continuity buzzer, data hold, and insulation test function. is the Best device for home repair. It is a good assistant to test and troubleshoot faults in electronic devices. This Digital LCD Multimeter can test Voltmeter Ohmmeter Ammeter.

Portable With Lcd And Useful For Many Applications, This Digital Clamp Meter Can Give You The Info You Need About Voltage, DCV, ACV (750v), Aca, and Ohm. Ac Current: 0.1a To 1000a, Insulation Test: 100kohm To 2000mohm, Ac Voltage: 1v To 750v, Dc Voltage: 1v To 1000v, Resistance: 100mohm To 20kohm, Continuity Test: 50+-25ohm With Audio Tone. It Comes With Test Leads And Polyester Carrying Case.

  • Model: DT-266
  • DCV:1000V, ACV:750V, ACA:200A-1000A, OHM:200-20K
  • Continuity Beeper: yes, Insulation test: yes
  • Data Hold: yes, Power:9V 6F22
  • Display Size:14*47mm, Maximum Display:1999
  • Lcd Readout
  • Includes Test Leads, Measures Voltage
  • Large Range of Applications
  • Comes With Carrying Case



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