Digital Thermometer with Steel Sensor Probe WT-2

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  • Multi-Functional Digital Thermometer
  • With Stainless Steel Sensor Probe
  • Model: WT-2
  • Made in China

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Digital Thermometer with Steel Sensor Probe WT-2 Instant Read Food Thermometer LCD Display ℃/ ℉ Switchable Data Lock Function Temperature Alarm Digital Meat Thermometers with Flexible Probe for Kitchen Cooking Baking Grilling. 

  • Digital food thermometer with a probe, perfect helper for cooking, baking, and grilling. -50℃~300℃ (-58℉~572℉) wide temperature range, high accuracy.
  • Instant reading, lets you know the real-time temperature change during the following processes, such as cake/ yogurt/ soup making, water/ oil temperature measuring, and more.
  • Digital LCD screen, instant reading, data lock function, ℃ or ℉ selectable, more convenient, and humanized.
  • Temperature alarm function: the alarm temperature is adjustable, and if the temperature exceeds the min/maximum temperature you set before, the buzzer will alarm to remind you.
  • High-quality material, durable and lightweight plastic shell, sturdy stainless steel probe. The probe is flexible with a 1m long cable which can be easily stored.

Parameters of Digital Thermometer with Steel Sensor Probe WT-2:

  • Temperature Range: -50°C ~ 300°C
  • Distinguishing Rate: 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: (-20°C ~ 80°C) ± 1°C
  • Power Voltage: DC 1.5V

Functions of Digital Thermometer with Steel Sensor Probe WT-2:

  • Switch between °C and °F
  • Preserve data
  • Maximum and minimum temperature memory
  • Maximum and minimum temperature setting and alarm

Operation Description:

  1. <ON/OFF>: Press the key to turn on the thermometer. then enters into measuring mode.
  2. [SET]: Press the key to enter into setting alarm mode.
  3. [ADJ] and [OK]: In the mode of temperature display (display c),” HI” and high-temperature alarm. Press for 2 seconds to add 1C to the high-temperature alarm. when it is higher than 300C will back to the te, temperature of higher 1C than the low alarm temperature. When adjusting the temperature to the required high-temperature alarm press TO CONFIRM;” lO” and low-temperature alarm. Following the above steps set the required low temperature alarm then press to confirm. When finishing the alarm setting “Hi” or “Lo” disappears and “AL” appears meaning in the mode of alarm.
  4. [AC]: Press the key to cancel the alarm and enter into the mode of measuring. “AL” disappears.



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