FTDI USB to Serial Converter 3V3-5V

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  • FTDI USB to Serial Converter 3V3-5V
  • FT232-based USB to serial converter
  • Made in China
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FT232-based USB to serial converter. An FTDI USB to Serial Converter is a hardware device that facilitates communication between a computer’s USB port and devices that communicate via serial protocol. It’s often used to connect microcontrollers, sensors, and other embedded systems to a computer for programming or data transfer.

The “3V3-5V” specification likely refers to the voltage levels supported by the converter. Some devices operate at 3.3 volts, while others operate at 5 volts. The converter should be capable of adapting to both voltage levels to ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices.

FTDI is a well-known manufacturer of USB-to-serial converter chips and modules. They provide drivers and support for various operating systems, making their products widely used in the embedded systems community.



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