Glass Dropping Bottle 60mL China

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  • Glass Dropping Bottle
  • Capacity: 60ML
  • Made in China

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Glass dropping bottle 60mL is a laboratory apparatus commonly used for dispensing small amounts of liquid in a controlled manner. It typically consists of a glass bottle with a dropper tip or pipette attached to the cap, allowing for precise dispensing of liquids drop by drop.

  • Clear Glass Dropping Bottle
  • Made From chemical-resistant glass
  • These bottles come with interchangeable ground joints with droppers and rubber teats.
  • Bottle Capacity: 60ML
  • Soda-lime Glass
  • Made in Chian

  • Application: Laboratory use, dispensing liquids drop by drop with precision.
  • Features: Clear glass construction for easy visibility of contents, dropper cap ensures controlled dispensing, suitable for a wide range of liquids including chemicals, reagents, oils, and more.
  • Precise Dispensing: Equipped with a dropper cap for precise control over liquid dispensing, allowing for accurate measurements and application.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for various laboratory applications, including chemistry experiments, pharmaceutical research, essential oil blending, and more.
  • Secure Closure: The dropper cap provides a tight seal to prevent leakage and contamination of the contents.
  • Easy to Clean: Glass construction allows for easy cleaning and sterilization, maintaining hygienic conditions for laboratory use.
  • Transparent Design: Clear glass design enables easy visibility of the contents, facilitating quick identification and measurement.



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