Glassco Arsenic Test Apparatus

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Arsenic Determination Apparatus
125 mL Erlenmeyer Flask
Chimney Tube (24/40)
Bent Tube, Springs, Test Tube
Brand: Glassco
Made in the UK

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This is the Glassco Brand Arsenic Test Apparatus which is mostly used to determine the water arsenic manually. The Glassco Arsenic Test Apparatus is a vital tool used in chemical analysis, particularly for the detection and quantification of arsenic in various substances. Arsenic, a naturally occurring element, is highly toxic and can pose serious health risks if ingested or absorbed into the body. Therefore, accurate and efficient methods for detecting arsenic contamination are crucial for environmental and public health monitoring.

The Glassco Arsenic Test Apparatus is designed to facilitate the Marsh test, a classical chemical method for detecting arsenic. The Marsh test involves the generation of arsine gas (AsH3) through the reaction of arsenic with a reducing agent such as zinc and sulfuric acid. The arsine gas produced is then passed through a heated glass tube, where it decomposes to deposit a characteristic mirror of arsenic on the inner surface of the tube. The intensity of the mirror formed is directly proportional to the amount of arsenic present in the sample. Click to Learn More



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