Glassco Conical Flask 250ml Screw Cap

৳ 660.00

  • Conical Flask 250ml with Screw Cap
  • Made from ASTM E-438 Type 1, Boro 3.3 heat resistance glass
  • The screw cap is made from Polyethylene which is Autoclavable
  • Comes with a PTFE Liner
  • Brand: Glassco, UK
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A Glassco conical flask with a 250ml capacity and a screw cap is a type of laboratory glassware commonly used for mixing, storing, and transporting liquids.

The conical shape of the flask allows for easy swirling and mixing of liquids without excessive splashing. The 250ml capacity indicates the volume of liquid the flask can hold, which in this case is 250 milliliters.

The screw cap provides a secure seal to prevent leakage or contamination of the contents. This feature is particularly useful when storing or transporting volatile liquids or samples that need to be kept securely sealed.

Glassco is a reputable manufacturer of laboratory glassware known for producing high-quality products that meet industry standards. Their conical flasks with screw caps are commonly used in various scientific and laboratory settings for a wide range of applications, including chemical reactions, sample storage, and titrations. Click to Know More




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