Glassco Dropping Bottle 120mL

৳ 820.00

  • Glass Dropping Bottle
  • Capacity: 120mL
  • Brand: Glassco
  • Made in the UK
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The Glassco Dropping Bottle with a capacity of 120 mL is a versatile laboratory glassware item. These bottles are made from chemical-resistant glass and come with an interchangeable ground joint equipped with a dropper and a rubber teat. They are commonly used for precise dispensing of liquids in laboratory experiments and procedures.
If you need to handle small quantities of reagents, solutions, or other liquids, the 120 mL Glassco Dropping Bottle is a reliable choice. Its design ensures controlled and accurate drop-by-drop dispensing, making it suitable for various applications in scientific research and analysis.

Whether you’re working in a chemistry lab, educational institution, or industrial setting, Glassco Dropping Bottles provide a convenient and efficient solution for liquid handling tasks. Click to Know More



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