Glassco Dropping Bottle 250mL

৳ 1,030.00

  • Glass Dropping Bottle
  • Capacity: 250mL
  • Brand: Glassco
  • Made in the UK
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A Glassco Dropping Bottle 250ml is a laboratory apparatus used for dispensing small amounts of liquid reagents or chemicals with precision. These bottles typically have a narrow tip or nozzle, allowing for controlled drops to be dispensed. The 250ml capacity indicates the volume of liquid the bottle can hold.

If you’re looking for a Glassco Dropping Bottle with a 60ml capacity, you can check laboratory supply stores, and online retailers specializing in scientific equipment, or directly contact Glassco or their authorized distributors.

  • Made From chemical-resistant glass
  • These bottles come with interchangeable ground joints with droppers and rubber teats.
  • Bottle Capacity: 250mL
  • Brand: Glassco
  • Made in the UK



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