GVDA Wood Moisture Meter GD153 Gal

GVDA Wood Moisture Meter GD153

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  • Digital wood and building materials Tester
  • Model: GD153
  • Brand: GVDA
  • Made in China

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GVDA Digital Wood Moisture Meter GD153, Pin Type, Three Colors Backlit LCD Display With Visual High-Medium-Low Moisture Content, Temperature And Humidity Measure (Pin-Type) In Stocks.

GVDA Wood Moisture Meter GD153 With accurate & trusted performance, the GVDA GD153 moisture meter can detect moisture content from wood to building material. Equipped with 2 high-precision pins, penetrate into the test surface and quickly know the moisture. It is suitable for firewood/lumber/drywall/brick/plaster/floor and so on. A reliable must-have tool for homeowners, woodworkers, painters & architects to detect moisture levels and spot hidden damage, which would save potentially expensive repairs.

GVDA Wood Moisture Meter GD153 Gal
Picture: GVDA Wood Moisture Meter GD153

Technical Details

  1. Sensor: Resistance type (conductivity measurement), high precision temperature and humidity sensor
  2. Measurement range/accuracy: Material A:9.0%~57.0% ±2.0% ; Material B:7.0%~52.0% ±2.0% ; Material C:0.9%~23.0% ±2.0% ; Material D:0.0%~12.0% ±2.0% ; Material E:0.7%~9.0% ±2.0%; Material F:0.5%~10.0% ±2.0%; Material G:0.0%~17.0% ±2.0%
  3. Temperature range:-20.0℃~60.0℃(-4.0℉~140.0℉)
  4. Temperature Accuracy:0.0℃~45.0℃(32℉~113℉) ±1.0℃/2.0℉; Other ±1.5℃/3.0℉
  5. Humidity range:0.0% ~99.9%RH
  6. Humidity Accuracy: 20%~80% ±5.0RH; Other ±6.0RH
  7. Ambient temperature:,-20.0~60.0℃(-4.0~140℉) ±1.5℃
  8. Ambient humidity:,0.0~99.9% ±4.0%RH
  9. Use environment: -10 ~50°C/20 ~90%RH
  10. Storage environment: -10 ~60°C/20 ~90%RH
  11. Display: Backlight display
  12. Power: 3×1.5V AAA battery(NOT include)




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