Human Heart Model

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  • Artificial Human Heart Model
  • Ideal for Education and training
  • Life-size heat model
  • Made in India

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This is an Artificial Anatomical Human Heart Model for Education, institute, and training. The heart model is in two parts with mitral and tricuspid valve and artery and vein colored and fully detailed and labeled key card. Size: 125x100x30mm (Approximately).

A human heart model is a three-dimensional representation of the human heart, typically used for educational purposes in schools, medical institutions, or for demonstration purposes. These models come in various forms and materials, ranging from simple diagrams to intricate, anatomically accurate replicas. Here are some common types of human heart models:

1. Anatomical Models: These models accurately represent the structure of the heart, including its chambers, valves, blood vessels, and major arteries. They are often made of durable materials like plastic or rubber and may be labeled with key anatomical features for educational purposes.

2. Functional Models: Some heart models are designed to demonstrate the functionality of the heart, including how blood flows through the chambers, how the valves work, and how the heart contracts to pump blood. These models may include movable parts or mechanisms to simulate these processes.

3. Transparent Models: Transparent heart models are made of materials that allow for a clear view of the internal structures of the heart. These models are especially useful for studying the internal anatomy of the heart, including the position of the valves, chambers, and major blood vessels.

4. Virtual Models: With advancements in technology, virtual heart models have become increasingly common. These models are often computer-generated and can be viewed on computers, tablets, or other digital devices. They allow for interactive exploration of the heart’s anatomy and function, often with features like zooming, rotating, and labeling.

5. Simplified Models: For younger students or basic educational purposes, simplified heart models may be used. These models typically highlight the basic structure of the heart without including intricate details. They may be made of softer materials like foam or cardboard and may include colorful illustrations to aid in understanding.

Human heart models serve as valuable educational tools for students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in learning about the anatomy and function of the heart. They are used in classrooms, medical training facilities, and museums around the world to help individuals gain a better understanding of one of the body’s most vital organs.




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