LM35 Temperature Sensor

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  • LM35 Temperature Sensor
  • Calibrated directly in Degrees Celsius
  • Operating Voltage: 4 V to 30 V
  • Output Voltage: 10mV/°C
  • Sensitivity: 10mV/°C
  • Linearity Error: ±1°C (for 0°C to +100°C)
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The LM35 is a high-voltage analog temperature sensor that measures the heat or cold generated by an object and produces a proportional resistance, current, or voltage output. It has a sensor gain of 10 mV/°C and an operating temperature range of -55°C to +150°C. The LM35 has the following parameters:

  • Supply voltage (min): 4 V
  • Supply voltage (max): 30 V
  • Supply current (max): 114 μA
  • Interface type: Analog output
  • Features: UL-recognized
  • Linearity error: ±1°C (for 0°C to +100°C)
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The LM35’s output voltage increases by 10 mV for every 1°C rise in temperature. For example, 250 mV means 25°C. The LM35’s output voltage can range from -1V (-55°C) to 6V (150°C). 

The LM35 has an advantage over thermistors because it doesn’t require any external calibration. It’s used in many household devices, including microwaves, fridges, and ACs, and in all fields of engineering.



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