Lovibond DPD No. 1 Tablet for Fast Water Testing 10 Pcs/Strip

৳ 200.00

  • DPD NO. 1 Rapid Tablet
  • For Quick Water Testing
  • 10 Tablets per Strip
  • Brand: Lovibond
  • Made in Germany

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  • Lovibond DPD No. 1 Tablet for Water Analysis.
  • 10 Pcs Tablet Per Strip
  • Brand: Lovibond, Germany
  • Marketing from India
  • The Water analysis couldn’t be easier. Precise dosing, long shelf life, and easy handling make the tablet reagent the most popular indicator system and the cheapest way to have to analyze a parameter. The DPD tablet reagent in the aluminum blister pack withstands almost all climatic conditions and external influences. In addition, there is no safety risk for the user.
  • Labtex Bangladesh is a seller and supplier of DPD-1 Tablets in the Bangladesh Scientific Market. If you need bulk quantity, please feel free to call 01710136523.




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