Melting Point Apparatus, RY-1

  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Model: RY-1
  • Origin: USA
  • Made in China


Melting Point Apparatus Model: RY-1

  • The melting point is the temperature of something turning into liquid from a solid. Testing it is the main method to detect some characters such as purity etc.
  • RY series are suitable for testing Melting points of drug, spice, dye, etc.
Applicable standard
  • Corporate standard(Thickness tester) Q/12XQ0185-2010


  • Test temperature with a standard mercury thermometer.
  • Adjust heating voltage by a knob.
  • Display voltage with an analog voltmeter.
  • Observe the Melting sample with a magnifier.
  • Test three samples at once.


Range of melting point  (50~300)℃
Accuracy ±1.0℃
Usage temperature (15~35)℃
Rate (1.0,2.0,4.0,6.0)℃/min
Power of the heater 100W
Power  220V/ 50Hz/ 100W
Dimension 190 x 120 x 200)mm³




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