Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer, 0 to 25mm

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  • Digital Micrometer / Screw Gauge
  • Readability: 0-25mm
  • Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • Origin: Japan, Made in China

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  • Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer 0-25Mm Outside Micrometer
  • Dust/Water protection level: IP65 (IEC60529)*2
  • Measuring force: 7 to 12 N*3
  • Battery: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882, for initial operational checks (standard accessory)
  • Battery life: Approx. 2.4 years under normal use
  • Length standard: Electromagnetic rotary sensor
  • Standard accessories: Reference bar, 1 pc. (except for 0 to 25 mm (0 to 1 in) models) Spanner (301336), 1 pc.
  • 2 Rustproofing shall be applied after use.
  • 3 Measuring force when using the speeder ratchet (Apply a measuring force in the same condition as for measurement and then set the origin.)



Origin point setting (ABS length measurement system):
Pressing the ORIGIN button resets the ABS origin at the current spindle position. Origin values can be set depending on each size.

Zero setting (INC length measurement system):
A brief press on the ZERO/ABS button sets displays to zero at the current spindle position and switches to the incremental (INC) measuring mode. A longer press resets to the ABS measuring mode.

Pressing the HOLD button freezes the current value in the display. This function is useful for preserving a measurement in situations of poor visibility when the instrument must be moved away from the workpiece before the reading can be recorded.

Function lock:
This function allows the ORIGIN (origin point setting) function and the ZERO (zero setting) function to be locked to prevent these points from being reset accidentally.

Auto power ON/OFF:
The reading on the LCD disappears after this instrument is idle for approx. 20 minutes, but the origin point is retained. Turning the spindle causes the reading on the LCD to reappear.

Data output*4:
Models equipped with this function have an output port for transferring measurement data to a Statistical Process
Control (SPC) system.

Error alarm:
In case of an overflow on the LCD or a computing error, an error message appears on the LCD, and the measuring function stops. This prevents an instrument from giving an erroneous reading. Also, when the battery voltage drops to a certain level, the low-battery-voltage alarm annunciator appears well before the micrometer becomes

  • 4 only for the models with SPC data output
  • Origin: Japan
  • Made in China




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