Permanent Slide (Specimen)

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  • Permanent Slide (Specimen)
  • Made in India
  • Note: Please call before placing your order to confirm of right product. 

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Transparent Permanent Slide For Biology, For School Laboratories, Size: 25×75 Mm. Made in India.

Note: Please call before placing your order to confirm of right product. 

Elevate your microscopy studies with our Permanent Slides, designed to provide durable and long-lasting specimens for detailed observation and analysis. Each slide is meticulously prepared and mounted with precision, ensuring clarity, stability, and permanence for your research and educational needs.

Key Features Permanent Slide:

1. High-Quality Construction: Our Permanent Slides are crafted from premium materials, including glass slides and coverslips, to provide a sturdy and reliable platform for mounting specimens. The glass construction ensures optical clarity and allows for high-resolution imaging under the microscope.
2. Secure Mounting: Specimens are securely mounted onto the slides using specialized mounting media or adhesives, ensuring that they remain in place and maintain their integrity over time. This prevents shifting or displacement of specimens during handling and observation.
3. Permanent Preservation: The mounting process involves sealing the specimens with a protective cover slip and sealing medium, effectively preserving them in their original state for long-term storage and analysis. This ensures that the specimens remain intact and maintain their structural integrity indefinitely.
4. Versatile Applications: Our Permanent Slides are suitable for a wide range of microscopy applications, including biological studies, histology, cytology, pathology, and educational demonstrations. They provide a convenient and reliable platform for examining specimens in various fields of science and research.
5. Ready for Use: Each Permanent Slide is ready for immediate use upon receipt, eliminating the need for additional preparation or mounting by the user. This saves time and ensures consistency and uniformity across specimens, facilitating efficient and effective microscopy studies.
6. Customization Options: We offer customization options for Permanent Slides, allowing you to choose specific specimens, staining techniques, or mounting arrangements to suit your research requirements. Whether you need prepared slides for teaching purposes or specialized specimens for advanced research, we can accommodate your needs.

Our Permanent Slides provide a durable and reliable solution for mounting specimens for microscopy studies. With their high-quality construction, secure mounting, and permanent preservation features, these slides offer a convenient and effective platform for observing and analyzing specimens in various scientific disciplines. Trust in the quality and reliability of our Permanent Slides to enhance your microscopy studies and advance your scientific research endeavors.




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