PolyLab 250ml Plastic Conical Flask

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  • Plastic 250 ml Conical Flask
  • Brand: PolyLab
  • Made in India


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This PolyLab 250ml Plastic Conical Flask is a must-have for any laboratory or classroom setting. Made from high-quality plastic, this flask is durable and long-lasting. Its conical shape allows for easy pouring and measuring of liquids, making it perfect for experiments and other scientific applications. The flask has a capacity of 250ml, making it ideal for small to medium-sized experiments. Its clear plastic construction allows for easy visibility of the contents inside, making it easy to monitor reactions and changes. This flask is perfect for use in schools, laboratories, and other scientific settings.

PolyLab 250ml Plastic Conical Flask Made in India

High-Class Plasticware is suitable for efficient day-to-day laboratory work and industrial use. Diwakar Plastic 250 ml Conical Flask with Screw Cap, Brand: PolyLab, Origin: India, Seller, and Supplier: Labtex Bangladesh.



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