Salinity Calibration Solution, 35.00 PPT 25 Pcs Box

Salinity Calibration Solution, 35.00 PPT 25 Pcs/Box

৳ 5,500.00

  • Salinity Calibration Solution 35PPT
  • Model: HI70024P
  • Pack Size: 25 Fluid Sachets
  • Brand: Hanna
  • Made in Romania
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Hanna Salinity Calibration Solution 35PPT 25 Pack (HI70024P)

The Hanna Salinity Calibration Solution is a premium quality 35.00 ppt marine salinity solution standardized with a conductivity meter that has been calibrated with potassium chloride NIST 2202 SRM (Standard Reference Material) in de-ionized water for analytical use by ISO 3696/BS3978. The pack contains 25 Calibration Fluid Sachets.



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