Salinity Calibration Solution, 35.00 PPT 25 Pcs/Box

৳ 5,500.00

  • Salinity Calibration Solution 35PPT
  • Pack Size: 25 Sacket 20ml
  • Model: HI70024P
  • Brand: Hanna
  • Made in Romania
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The Hanna Salinity Calibration Solution is a premium quality 35.00 ppt marine salinity solution standardized with a conductivity meter that has been calibrated with potassium chloride NIST 2202 SRM (Standard Reference Material) in de-ionized water for analytical use by ISO 3696/BS3978. The pack contains 25 Calibration Fluid Sachets.

Hanna Salinity Calibration Solution 35PPT 25 Pack (HI70024P)

Salinity calibration solutions are used to calibrate instruments that measure salinity in various solutions, such as water or other liquid samples. These calibration solutions typically contain a known concentration of salts to ensure the accuracy of salinity measurements. Calibration is crucial for maintaining the precision and reliability of salinity meters or sensors.

  • Reference Standard: Calibration solutions serve as reference standards with a known salinity concentration. Common units for salinity measurement include parts per thousand (ppt), practical salinity units (PSU), or specific gravity.
  • Preparation: Calibration solutions are prepared to closely match the salinity levels encountered in the actual samples being measured. This allows instruments to be calibrated across the expected range of salinity values.
  • Types of Salts: The composition of calibration solutions can vary, but they often contain a mix of salts such as sodium chloride (NaCl) and potassium chloride (KCl). The exact formulation depends on the specifications of the instrument and the desired salinity range.
  • Traceability: The calibration solution used must be traceable to a recognized standard, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the calibration process.
  • Calibration Procedure: The calibration procedure involves adjusting the salinity meter or sensor readings based on the known salinity concentration of the calibration solution. This helps correct any systematic errors or drift in the instrument’s measurements.
  • Regular Calibration: Regular calibration is recommended to maintain the accuracy of salinity measurements over time. Environmental conditions, instrument aging, and other factors can affect the performance of salinity meters.



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