Smart Sensor Multi Gas Detector AS8900 Both Side Pic
Smart Sensor Multi Gas Detector AS8900 Gas Monitor in Box

Smart Sensor Multi-Gas Detector AS8900 Gas Monitor

৳ 28,500.00

  • Multi-Gas Detector, Digital Gas Monitor
  • Model: AS8900
  • Range: O²: 0~30% VOL, CO: 0~999 PPM, H²S : 0~500 PPM, Combustible Gas : 0~100% LEL
  • Brand: Smart Sensor
  • Made in China

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The multi-gas detector AS8900 is an electronic device and scientific equipment that recognizes the nearness of gasses in a range, regularly as a portion of a security framework. This sort of gear is utilized to distinguish a gas spill and interface with a control framework so a handle can be naturally closed down. A gas detector can sound a caution to administrators within the zone where the spill is happening, permitting them to take off. This sort of gadget is vital since numerous gasses can be hurtful to natural life.
Smart sensor AS8900 high sensitivity gas leak detector has 0~30% VOL measuring range, 0.1% / 1mo / mol / 1% resolution, electrochemical measuring principle, low/high alarm system, -10~50C operating temperature, 15%-95%RH operating humidity, 3.7V power, 150g (Approx.) weight, 120.2 x 64.5 x 38.3mm dimensions.

Specification of Multi-Gas Detector AS8900

Gas Type

Oxygen / Carbon Monoxide / Hydration / Combustible Gas

Measuring range

O²: 0~30% VOL

CO: 0~999 PPM

H²S : 0~500 PPM

Combustible Gas : 0~100% LEL


0.1% / 1μmo/mol(ppm) / 1%

Measuring Principle

Electrochemical principle, life for 2 years

Low / High Alarm

Alarm Setting


Sound, Light Alarm. Adjustable Alarm values, Alarm sound up to 80 dB.

Operating temperature


Operating humidity

15%-95%RH (Standard)

Smart Sensor Multi Gas Detector AS8900 diagram
Picture: Smart Sensor Multi Gas-Detector AS8900 Diagram
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