USBASP AVR Programmer

৳ 420.00

  • USBASP AVR Programmer
  • Programmer with ATmel Studio
  • Extreme Burner, BASCOM, and many more
  • Made in China
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If you are looking for the right programmer for programming your AVR-Microcontroller, then it would be a great one! You can easily integrate this programmer with Atmel Studio, Arduino IDE, AVRDUDESS, AVRPal, Extreme Burner, BASCOM, and many more. Using the onboard jumper, it is possible to set the target supply voltage to +3.3V or +5V. This programmer was also allowed to update the firmware version and enable the SLOW SCK mode.

Working with this USBasp Programmer you have to download and install the driver software. Please follow the link to download the USBasp driver or simply google for it. Depending on your operating system and x86/x64 bit version select the installer and simply run it.



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