Wintact Electromagnetic Radiation Magnetic Field Tester WT3120

  • Electromagnetic radiation survey meter
  • Purpose: Testing of electric field radiation and magnetic field emission
  • Model: WT3120
  • Made in China


Key Functions

  • Inductive zone at the front end
  • LCD display
  • Average/peak valued.
  • Data locking/beep
  • Power
  • Battery door


Technical Parameters

  • Unit: Electric field – V/M, Magnetic field: uT
  • Precision: 1v/m & 0.01uT
  • Range: 1v/m-1999v/m & 0.01-99.99uT
  • Alarm threshold value: 40v/m & 0.4uT
  • Reading display: 3-1/2-digit LCD
  • Testing bandwidth: 5Hz-3500MHz
  • Sampling time: Aout 0.4 seconds
  • Test mode: Bimodule synchronous test
  • Over range indication: LCD display the maximum measure range
  • Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C
  • Operating humidity: relative humidity <80%
  • Operating voltage: 9V
  • Power supply: 6F22 9V Battery
  • Size: 63.6x31x125.8mm
  • Weight: 146g




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