Wood Moisture Meter 4 Pins Digital Tester MD-814

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  • Digital Wood Moisture Meter
  • Model: MD-814
  • 4 Steel Pins
  • Measuring Range: 5% ~ 40%


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Digital Wood Moisture Meter 4-Pins MD-814 (5%~40%) Wood Tester

  • Equipped with 4 steel probes to enhance the highest resolution & sensitivity
  • With 4-pins gathers and captures more sampling from the object being tested than 2-pins
  • With Automatic Data Hold
  • With high resolution and indeed response quickly
  • Low Battery consumption with Auto power-Off system
  • Gives accurate moisture conditions in units and symbols in its easy-to-read large LCD screen and displays in seconds
  • Provides comprehensive manual, chic carrying bag with a manual holder inside complete with batteries at no extra charge
  • Can be used to test moisture in Soft/medium woods, bamboos, Cardboard and paper, Chipboard, Fiberboard, Foam, Peat, Plaster, and Sand



  • Measuring Range: 5% ~ 40%
  • Resolution: 1%
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • High resolution and response quickly
  • Data Hold (memory function)
  • Power: 9V (6F22) X 1
  • Case Color: Dark gray & Orange
  • Dimension: 63mm x 129mm x 32mm
  • Weight: Approximately 116g (including battery)


Set Includes:

  • 1 x Wood Moisture Meter
  • 1 x  9V battery (FREE)
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual
  • 1x blue nylon carrying bag (FREE)
  • Standard Packaging Box



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