Type of Textile Testing & Quality Control Laboratory

Textile Testing and quality control lab is responsible to ensure the quality of the Products. In response to textile product evaluation TTQC Laboratory plays an important role. Now days, man wants to get qualitative product from the producer. For the reason it is the duty of a producer to produce quality products.

In the textile industry, quality is assured in different stage of production. From the input materials to the final goods, quality is assured by the QC Dept. Product’s quality is assured in fiber selection, yarn production, fabric manufacturing, wet processing and apparel manufacturing. Also, product quality is checked for dyestuff and chemicals which is used in dyeing, printing and finishing. Maximum times, quality control department gives a quality pass certificate before export the products.

TTQC laboratory is also set up in Educational Institute, Research Institute for teach the quality evaluation system and research. It is also a set in port to test the quality of the textile products. Some TTQC lab is set up for commercial purpose. Some quality standardizing group also set up TTQC laboratory for test the quality. In dyestuff market, TTQC lab is set up for ensure the quality of the dyes and chemicals.

Types of Textile Testing and Quality Control Laboratory for Quality Assurance : There are various types of TTQC Laboratory. I have given some TTQC Laboratory name list which is responsible for quality assurance.

These are follows :
1. Textile Testing & Quality Control Lab (TTQC) in the Industry.
2. TTQC Laboratory in the educational institute.
3. TTQC Laboratory in the Research Institute.
4. Commercial TTQC Laboratory
5. Port TTQC Laboratory
6. TTQC Laboratory in the standardizing house.
7. TTQC Laboratory in the Buying House
8. TTQC Laboratory in the Dyestuff Market.
9. TTQC Laboratory in the arm force or defense Department

There are various types of TTQC laboratory or Lab from which you can test your product’s quality.

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