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Uses and Applications of Water Testing Meters

Clean and pure water is essential for our daily use and environmental safety. This water is drawn from various liquid streams such as groundwater, rivers, lakes, boiler feedwater, recycled cooling flows, process wastes, and condensate water. How to ensure the cleanliness of water? This question can be answered only if one knows about the pollutants or quality of water. Although visual inspection is one of the essential types of water quality analysis, it is not sufficient. You may need water quality testing equipment to know the composition of the water under consideration. There are several tools available in the market and each has a different purpose. This post will give you a brief idea about these various tools and their functionality. In this post, we are discussing the Uses and Applications of Water Testing Meters.

Uses and Applications of Water Testing Meters:

Primarily, water quality analysis is done to determine the purity of the water, but it can also be done for various reasons. These factors can range from identifying changes in water quality to the role of various components in affecting water quality to designing methods to prevent freshwater pollution and meet stringent regulatory and control requirements to limit water pollution.

Nowadays, a variety of water quality testing equipment is used to test water for biological and chemical contaminants. They help to detect various variables like movement rate, pH value, total dissolved solids (TDS), oxygen, nitrogen, conductivity, turbidity, etc. These tools can be used to test various conditions in water. Some of the popular ones are as follows:

Conductivity Meter:

Adwa Professional Conductivity TDS TEMP Bench Meter AD 3000

A conductivity Meter is an electronic device that measures the amount of electric conductivity or current in the water.

pH Meter

Adwa Pocket pH Meter AD12 Romania

pH meter is a very popular and most used water testing meter worldwide. pH meter is an electronic device, used to identify the PH value in water. Here PH means the potential of hydrogen.

TDS Meter:

TDS 3 Pen Type TDS Meter Most Selling TDS Meters in Bangladesh

TDS meter is also a popular and most used water testing meter in the world. A TDS meter is a device that is used to measure the Total dissolved Solids of Water.

Water Temperature Meter

TP300 Digital Food Thermometer Probe Type for Kitchen and Laboratory Use

Water temperature meters are available in digital and analog both types. That helps to measure the temperature of water.

Water Salinity Meter

hi98319 waterproof salinity tester

A water salinity meter is an electronic device that is used for the salt value of general water and seawater. To accurately measure water salinity, a water salinity meter is a valuable tool.

Water-Specific Gravity Meter

A specific Gravity Meter is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity or relative density of a liquid sample. Each element has a unique density, which can be used to identify it. Density measurement is used to monitor product and process quality.

Turbidity Meter

EZDO Turbidity Meter TUB 430 Taiwan

Turbidity meters – also technically known as nephelometers – emit light and measure the amount scattered by particles in the sample. The units depend on the wavelength of the light and the angle of the detector; The most common units are nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) or formazin nephelometric units (FNU).

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Lutron Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO 5509 Price in BD

A dissolved oxygen meter is used to measure the amount of gaseous oxygen dissolved in a water sample. It uses an electrochemical, polarographic, amperometric, galvanic, or optical sensor. DO is an important water quality parameter affecting marine life, palatability of drinking water, and corrosiveness of water samples.

ORP Meter

Adwa Bench Top pH ORP EC TDS Temperature Meter AD8000 Romania

ORP meters are devices designed to measure the oxidation-reduction potential of water. ORP meters are also known industrially as redox probes. These chemical or microbial species form redox couples, resulting in electron loss.

Ammonia Checker

This is a very new water testing meter to measure the value of ammonia in water. This is working with reagent powder and electronic devices.

Iron Checker

Hanna HI 721 Iron Checker Handheld Colorimeter 0.00 to 5.00 ppm Range

This is also a very new device to measure the value of iron in water. This is working with reagent powder and electronic devices.

Water Nitrite and Nitrate Tester

Various analytical methods can be used to measure nitrate and nitrite in water and one of them is a colorimetric method using a UV-VIS spectrophotometer. Although this is a simple and convenient method, it involves tedious reagent preparation which is time-consuming.

Water Hardness Tester

Water Hardness Tester
Water Hardness Tester

A water hardness meter is a portable measuring instrument for water analysis. With the help of this water hardness meter, it is possible to determine the total hardness value of water.

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