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Weight Scale Supplier and Wholesaler in Bangladesh

Labtex Bangladesh is a Supplier and Wholesaler of Weight Scale, Digital Weighing Scale, Digital Balance or Electronic Scales in Bangladesh. Labtex work with the most famous brand T-scale Taiwan and Popular Brand Mega Digital. You can buy all type of laboratory scale and industrial scale from Labtex Bangladesh. For bulk purchase, please call to +8801710136523 or email to

Our Scale or Balance List are below:

Scale NamesOriginCapacityPlatform Size
T-Scale EHB/IHB Series High Precision BalanceTaiwan300g/0.001g 
T-Scale NB/NHB Series High Precision BalanceTaiwan1500g/0.01g 
T-Scale QHW Series ScaleTaiwan30Kg/0.2g 
T-Scale QHW Series ScaleTaiwan15Kg/0.1g 
T-Scale MKW Series Platform ScaleTaiwan60Kg/5g300×400 mm
T-Scale MKW Series Platform ScaleTaiwan150Kg/10g400X500 mm
T-Scale MKW Series Platform ScaleTaiwan300Kg/20g600X800 mm
T-Scale PB Series Platform ScaleTaiwan600Kg/50g800X800 mm
T-Scale TF/TFS Series Floor ScaleTaiwan1000Kg/100g1000×1000 mm
T-Scale TF/TFS Series Floor ScaleTaiwan2000Kg/200g1200×1200 mm
T-Scale TF/TFS Series Floor ScaleTaiwan3000Kg/500g1200×1500 mm
T-Scale TF/TFS Series Floor ScaleTaiwan5000Kg/500g1500×1500 mm
Huazhi HZK Series Analytical BalanceUSA210g/0.0001g 
AND FSH Series BalanceKorea300g/0.001g 
AND FGH Series BalanceKorea600g/0.01g 
AND Eki Series BalanceKorea600g/0.01g 
AND FET Series BalanceKorea600g/0.01g 
Motex M/ACS Series ScaleKorea30Kg/1g 
Motex M/ACS Series ScaleKorea15Kg/0.5g 
Motex M/ACS Series ScaleKorea6Kg/0.2g 
Camry Price Computing Scale, DuelChina35kg/2g 
Camry Kitchen ScaleChina5Kg/1g 
Camry Digital Bathroom ScaleChina130Kg/1kg 

Mega Digital Scale List:

Scale NameCapacityPlatform Size
Mega TC-10 SS100kg/20g12×17″
Mega TC-10 SS200kg/20g17×19″
Mega TC-10 Metal100kg/20g12×17″
Mega TC-10 Metal200kg/20g17×19″
Mega TC-60 SS60 kg/10g 
Mega TC-60 Metal60 kg/10g 
Mega Regular ACS-C6, Plain Plate30Kg/2g 
Mega Regular ACS-C6, Tray Plate30Kg/2g 
Mega King AS-CA, Plain Plate40Kg/1g 
Mega King AS-CA, Tray Plate40Kg/1g 
Mega Gold JJ-28, SS Body35Kg/1g 
Mega Economy ACS-607, Plain Plate10/15Kg 
Mega Economy ACS-607, Tray Plate10/15Kg 
Mega Kitchen Scale TC-CF 20, Plain Plate5Kg/1g 
Mega Digital Hanging50Kg 
Mega Bathroom Scale, Analoge180Kg 
Mega Bathroom Scale, Digital180Kg 
Mega Smart Body Scale M05 Orange/Pest Color Body250Kg/0.1Kg 

If you buy from Labtex Bangladesh, We ensure the best after-sales service to you. Also you get the manufacturer service from manufacturing company.

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