100 Pcs 15ml Centrifuge Tubes with Screw Caps, Polypropylene Container

৳ 800.00

  • Plastic Falcon Tubes with Screw Caps
  • 15ml Centrifuge
  • Pack Size: 100 Pcs
  • Made in China
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  • 15ml conical centrifuge tube, made of high-purity PP material, maximum RCF: 9,400, can be autoclaved at 122℃, can be frozen to -80℃
  • Longer screw cap, used to prevent sample leakage, smooth and flat inner surface, no residual solution
  • The PP conical centrifuge tube is sterilized by gamma radiation or EO
  • The easy-to-read scale is accurate to ±2% in increments of 1mL
  • With a large, hard-to-matte white printing and writing area to make the mark clear and easy to read, the scale and writing area are resistant to chloroform
  • Clear Marking
  • Plastic Falcon Tube
  • Made in China



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