14 cm Air Stone Aquarium Fish Tank Air Pump Hydroponics Aerator Diffuser

৳ 180.00

1 Piece air store for aquarium and biofloc


Air Stone for Aquarium and Biofloc Fish Tank Air Pump Hydroponics Pond Aerator Diffuser

A great way to properly aerate your aquarium Great for freshwater, saltwater/reef aquariums, and hydroponic use. Increase oxygen levels, lower CO2, and raise pH. It is an important instrument to successfully keep aquatic fish for the respiration process. Durable, washable, and sintered by high temperature, different from other air stones. Great bubble release and good anti-corrosion Create bubbles in fish tank while attached to an air pump Create water currents and dazzling underwater scenes Great aquarium supply for aquarium or fish tank Directions for use: Connect the air stone with air tube. Soak the air stone in the water for 15 minutes before use. It’s durable and be used for a long time. When it is clogged with dirt or producing bubbles with low quantity, please wash it for re-use. Package included: 1x Air Stone, Made in China. Original as the like picture. Size: 14 CM (5.5 inch), Weight: 63 gm


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