Aluminium Sulfate, 500gm Lab Grade, India

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  • Aluminium Sulfate
  • Pack Size: 500gm
  • Lab Grade, India


Aluminium Sulfate, 500gm Lab Grade, India suitable for use as an excipient. Other Names are Aluminium Sulphate and Aluminium Sulfato.

Aluminum sulfate, also known as alum, is a chemical compound with the formula Al2(SO4)3. It is a white crystalline solid that is soluble in water. Aluminum sulfate is commonly used in water treatment plants as a coagulant to help remove suspended particles from water. It works by causing tiny particles to clump together, forming larger particles that can be more easily removed through filtration or settling.

In addition to its use in water treatment, aluminium sulfate has various other applications:

1. Paper Industry: It is used in papermaking as a sizing agent, which helps control the paper’s porosity and improve its printing qualities.

2. Textile Industry: Aluminum sulfate is employed in the dyeing and printing of textiles to fix dyes to fabrics.

3. Purification of Drinking Water: It is sometimes added to drinking water to clarify it by removing impurities and suspended solids.

4. Soil pH Adjustment: In gardening and agriculture, aluminum sulfate can be used to lower soil pH, making it more acidic, which is beneficial for certain types of plants that prefer acidic soil.

5. Waste Water Treatment: It is used in wastewater treatment processes to remove phosphorus and suspended solids.

6. Tanning Industry: Aluminum sulfate is used in the tanning of leather to help fix dyes and other chemicals in the leather.

While aluminum sulfate has many useful applications, it’s important to use it with caution due to its potential environmental impact. Overuse or improper disposal of aluminum sulfate can lead to environmental contamination and harm aquatic ecosystems. Therefore, it should be used by regulations and best practices to minimize its environmental footprint.




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