Eppendorf Tube Box 72 Walls for 2ml 15ml Centrifuge Tube Box Opened

Eppendorf Tube Box 72 Walls for 2ml, 1.5ml Centrifuge Tube Box

৳ 400.00

  • Ependrof Tube Box or
  • Microcentrifuge Tube Box
  • Compatible for 1.5ml, 2ml
  • 72 Walls Box
  • Hole: 10.5mm Dia


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This is the Eppendorf Tube Box 72 Walls for 2ml and 1.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes whose Hole is 10.5mm dia. This is also called a centrifuge storage rack or storage holder for 1.5ml and 2ml Eppendorf tubes.   

Eppendorf Tube Box 72 Walls:

Centrifuge tube boxes are of uniform thickness, safe, convenient, and clean and can be used for centrifuge tube storage and protection and Lab test and Analysis.

  • Polypropylene(PP) Material
  • Freezer Safe
  • Detachable Cover
  • Temperature Resistance Range: -150~120 ℃ / -238~248 ℉
  • Every hole dia: 10.5mm
  • Box Dimension: 18cm x 9.5cm x 5.3cm
  • Package: 1 Piece
  • Made in China




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