Glass Test Tube 200mm Hard Glass (8 Inch x 25mm)

৳ 65.00

  • 25mm x 2000mm Hard Glass Open Test Tube
  • Color: Transparent
  • Made in China
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This is the glass test tube 200mm in length. Glass test tubes are commonly used in laboratories for various experiments, sample storage, and analysis. A test tube that is 200mm long would typically be considered a medium-sized test tube. These can be found in scientific supply stores, online marketplaces, or specialized laboratory equipment suppliers. When purchasing, ensure that the test tube is made of durable glass suitable for the intended applications.

8-Inchs x 25mm Fat Hard Glass Test Tube 200mm Long

Glass Test Tube also known as a culture tube or sample tube of lab glassware. Test tube consisting of a finger-like length of glass tubing, open at the top and closed at the bottom side. This test tube is usable in all types of laboratories linking chemistry, biology or bio-sciences, clinical medicine, textile lab, etc. It also uses flower vases, glassware for certain weak shots, or containers of spices, raising queen ants during the first months of development.



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